Beach Pebbles at the Edinburgh Science Festival

Thursday 6th / Friday 7th / Monday 10th / Tuesday 11th April 2023, 10am to 1pm

Every beach pebble has got a story to tell, about how the original rock was formed and what’s happened to it since then, to turn it into the pebble you can pick up on a beach today. Join geologists from the Edinburgh Geological Society on a local beach for some hands-on activities to explore the stories hidden in every pebble. We’ll discover an amazing variety of different types of pebble, find out where they come from and what they tell us about Scotland’s geology. We’ll also explore why the beach looks the way it does, and how it might change in the next few decades with climate change. You can try out some games and activities that will help you find out more about Scotland’s geology and make you think! Build a mini drystane dyke, skim some stones, or help make a map of the area.

Please dress for the weather. Warm clothing and strong footwear advised. Events take place close to access points but you may need to walk up to 100 metres on sand or pebbles and negotiate ramps or steps. Children must be accompanied by an adult and all participants require a ticket.

If you have mobility needs why not contact Beach Wheelchairs Portobello to see if they can help. BWC Portobello have a range of manual beach wheelchairs and one special all terrain power wheelchair for free hire that can be used to get on the beach and take part in our activity. They also have a hoist that takes a loop style sling available to use. The event at Portobello is very close to their base. The Joppa event is further away, but if you don’t mind a 1.6km wheel along the prom, you would be most welcome there as well. Both events have ramp access to the beach.

To find out more, including how to book check out their website or phone 0300 666 0990 to chat to one of their volunteers.

Thursday 6th April: Cramond – book here
Friday 7th
 April: Portobello – book here
Monday 10th April: Wardie Bay 
– book here
Tuesday 11th April: Joppa Beach 
– book here

Event locations