Every beach pebble has got a story to tell, about how the original rock was formed and what’s happened to it since then, to turn it into the pebble you can pick up on a beach today. Join geologists from the Edinburgh Geological Society on a local beach for some hands-on activities to explore the stories hidden in every pebble. We’ll discover an amazing variety of different types of pebble, find out where they come from and what they tell us about Scotland’s geology. We’ll also explore why the beach looks the way it does, and how it might change in the next few decades with climate change. You can try out some games and activities that will help you find out more about Scotland’s geology and make you think! Build a mini drystane dyke, skim some stones, or help make a map of the area.

Wednesday 20 April: Wardie Bay – book here
Thursday 21 April: Portobello
 – book here
Friday 22 April: North Berwick 
book here
Saturday 23 April: Dunbar
book here

Each event is drop in from 10 am to 1pm. Please book using the links above, to help us plan these events and keep everyone safe.

Event locations