Putting Scotland’s Geosites on the map

The Scottish Geology Trust’s Geosites project launched in June 2023. This ambitious new project intends to put all of Scotland’s best geology sites on an interactive, online map, making it easy for anyone to find sites, learn about them, and report any damage or deteriorating conditions.

Almost 30 volunteers have been involved so far, visiting over 100 sites in the Geological Conservation Review. Although several sites were reported as overgrown and difficult to access, it is heartening that thus far we have discovered no significant geoconservation concerns. And the project website https://geosites.scottishgeologytrust.org/ is rapidly developing into an incredibly useful resource for identifying interesting geological sites to visit across Scotland.

We intend to develop this project further over the coming years, creating a one-stop portal for finding out about geological sites in Scotland, getting a quick overview and access to the detail published in the Geological Conservation Review and other sources. You will be able to find information about access and the best spots to visit, view recent photographs and contribute your own reports. We’d love to get more people involved, and there is a lot of desk work to be done even if you aren’t able to visit sites. Please get in touch with Angus Miller angus@scottishgeologytrust.org