The Scottish Journal of Geology

The Scottish Journal of Geology, which is owned and edited jointly by the Edinburgh Geological Society and the Geological Society of Glasgow, is a mainstream peer-reviewed geological journal. It is a natural outlet for original papers on all aspects of Scottish geology and geomorphology, and its contiguous areas, including the surrounding seas.

The journal regularly attracts authors ranging from distinguished university and survey geologists to students reporting aspects of their dissertation and thesis work. Papers are widely cited, the overall impact factor is relatively high for a society journal and several recent papers, notably those about dinosaur tracks on Skye, have attracted much general media interest.

Two issues a year are published for the two societies by the Geological Society Publishing House, available worldwide online as part of the Geological Society’s Lyell Collection and on Geoscience World. EGS members get free access to the full content of the journal and the transactions via the Lyell Collection: online access instructions.