The Society, in conjunction with the Geological Society of Glasgow, publishes the mainstream geological journal, The Scottish Journal of Geology; online access is available via the Lyell Collection.

Digitised archive in the Lyell Collection include:

The collection is fully searchable and the indexes are free to browse.

Free access to the full content of the journal and the transactions is available to members of the Edinburgh Geological Society. This involves a one-off activation of your account. Note that this access is available to all Ordinary, Life, Honorary, Distinguished and Corresponding Fellows; but not to Senior Fellows, Family Fellows, or Associate Fellows (Junior or Glasgow). Glasgow Associates can get access via the Geological Society of Glasgow.

To gain access to the Lyell Collection, follow these steps:

  1. Activate your account on CONNECT – follow the instructions here:
  2. You will be able to access the Scottish Journal of Geology and the Transactions of the two societies using the links above, or at Login using your registered email address and password from step 1.

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The Lyell Collection is one of the largest online collections of Earth science literature and the EGS contributes towards this invaluable resource for research and study.

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