We publish handy, pocket sized excursion guides and books covering some of the most popular areas of Scottish geology. These Geological Excursion Guides and Books are suitable for both amateur and professional geologists and are for sale at a significant discount to members of the Society.

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New book: James Hutton’s stay in Leiden (1749)

In celebration of their 90th anniversary, the Leiden Geological Society are publishing an 86-page book in English, detailing their recent research into James Hutton’s stay in Leiden in 1749. This shows that in the 18th century there was lively diploma-tourism by numerous foreign students attracted by the fame of Leiden University. The author Bert Schuchmann also attempts to find a possible influence of the Leiden-ethos on Hutton’s subsequent intellectual development.

The book will be available in-person at the public talk on 6 June 2023. We can also distribute it by post after the event, but it must be pre-ordered here at a cost of £6 plus postage.

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Earth Lines: Geopoetry and Geopoetics

Patrick Corbett, Norman Bissell, Philip Ringrose, Sarah Tremlett, Brian Whalley

Earth Lines is a compilation of poetry and essays on the broadest theme of geoscience. It combines geopoetry and geopoetics and an essay on the subtle differences. The historical appearance of geoscience in poetry is reviewed. Over forty poems on themes of stratigraphy, geological process, geologists at work, geoidentity and geopoetics can be found, as can essays recording a geopoetry walk and the poetics of climate change. A geological perspective on Auden’s In Praise of Limestone concludes the volume.

The Earth is heart and centre of this book; what it means to people, how it influences people and how we have influenced it. Deeper appreciation of the planet-people interaction may come from reading these earth lines.

More details of the publication, including a selection of audio and video recordings of some of the poems and poets featured in Earth Lines, including some additional poems and a geopoetry map, are available on the dedicated Earth Lines page of this website.


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Special offer: Geo-poetry bundle!

Buy Earth Lines with Conversations in Stone – celebrating the life and legacy of Hugh Miller (2018)


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James Hutton – the founder of modern geology, by Alan McKirdy

This book, published by National Museums Scotland, gives a thorough and entertaining introduction to James Hutton’s life and ideas. Copiously illustrated and with suggestions of places to visit, it is a revised and greatly expanded version of previous books by Donald McIntyre and Alan McKirdy.

Apologies, this book is temporarily out of stock


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Older Excursion Guides published by the Edinburgh Geological Society

Other items of interest

This well-illustrated 24-page booklet is published by the Lochaber Geopark.

It describes the geological events and processes that have led to the formation of the rocks and landscapes of Lochaber and the wonderful scenery we can see today.

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Editors: Larissa Reid & Elsa Panciroli
ISBN: 9781912804719

The writer, self-taught geologist and stonemason Hugh Miller (1802-1856) was one of Scotland’s finest nature writers. Born in Cromarty, his works made him a household name, and to this day his lyrical style transports readers to stand beside him at the rock-face. Celebrating his legacy, this anthology brings together prose and poetry inspired by Miller and his life, and his unwavering love of stone, landscape and palaeontology.

Readership: anyone with an interest in Scottish geology, history and literature.


A Guide to the Geology of IslayA Guide to the Geology of Islay (updated 2021) describes 12 varied excursions on Islay that tell the fascinating story of Islay’s geological past from 2 billion-year old gneiss to the Ice Age.

A Guide to the Geology of Islay, Jura and Colonsay Volume II (2021) is a companion volume with six excursions on Jura, three on Colonsay and a further four excursions on Islay.

The geology of each excursion is explained at an introductory level with maps and photographs, and the walks range from leisurely rambles to more demanding treks and sea-kayak expeditions.

A Guide to the Geology of Islay


A Guide to the Geology of Islay, Jura and Colonsay


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Minerals of Scotland - Past and PresentAuthor: Alec Livingstone
ISBN: 1-901663-46-9

A lavishly illustrated and definitive account (212 pp) by Alec Livingstone of Scotland’s minerals that also includes 60 brief biographies of the people  who discovered, collated and examined them. The core of the book comprises a glossary of all 552 species known from Scotland together with more detailed descriptions, history and occurrence of 61 minerals native to Scotland. Published by the National Museums of Scotland (NMS), a limited number of copies are available from the Society at the discounted price below.

Readership: Mineralogists, amateur and professional geologists, gemmologists.

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