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Power of Our Planet

On Saturday 22 October 2016, starting at 10:00am, the British Geological Survey will be holding a one-day Science Showcase entitled ‘Power of our Planet‘ at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.  There will be a wide range of demonstrations and hands-on activities for all ages and levels of interest.  This year, this event replaces the popular BGS Doors Open Day, now sadly no more since the closure of Murchison House, and it will provide a great opportunity for members of the public to meet and engage with geologists and their work.
Everyone is encouraged to support this event and to publicise it to family and friends.
The ‘Power of our Planet’ event is free to attend; admission to the main Dynamic Earth galleries, if desired, will incur the usual admission charges.

Fluvial Channel Reservoirs

The first evening lecture of the Edinburgh Geological Society’s winter series will take place on Wednesday 12 October at 7:30pm in the Hutton Lecture Theatre at the Grant Institute of Geology, King’s Buildings, Edinburgh, when Prof Patrick Corbett, Heriot Watt University will talk about: Fluvial Channel Reservoirs – 20 years diagnosing their reservoir engineering attributes.

In 1994 the first study was undertaken to collect permeability data from opencast or surface mines in the Ayrshire Coalfields with the specific objective of generating synthetic well test responses. Well tests are undertaken by engineers on making a discovery in a fluvial reservoir to try to understand the lateral extent and size of the reservoir. At that time the tools for doing the simulation were rather simple, the models produced were rather simple and the results looked rather like the expected results in the engineering textbooks at the time.  Since then, as the data and understanding have improved, as Google Earth has provided images of fluvial systems across the world, as the simulators became more powerful, the grid blocks smaller and the models much larger, and more well tests have been conducted, we begin to see that the 3-D pressure responses are much more complex. This goes, in some way, to explain why fluvial reservoirs have lower recovery (and therefore higher remaining potential) than many other types of oil reservoir.  Twenty-two years later, we are still studying opencast mines in Ayrshire (the Spireslack Mine), building models and trying to understand fluid flow in complex reservoirs.

Patrick Corbett is Professor of Petroleum Engineering at Heriot Watt University and Head of the Carbonates Reservoirs Group. His long-term research interests involve integration of reservoir geoscience, petrophysics, geophysics and reservoir engineering.

The meeting will be followed by tea and biscuits in the Cockburn Museum of the Grant Institute, to which all are invited.

A link to a map of the campus can be found at

South Queensferry and Siccar Point

A reminder that there are two EGS excursions this week:

Wednesday 22 June
South Queensferry Shore

Leader Richard Smith, Lothian and Borders Geoconservation
Meet at 7pm opposite the Hawes Inn (where the pier joins the B924) – NT 136 783. Own transport.
Saturday 25 June
Cove, Pease Bay & Siccar Point, East Lothian
Leader Angus Miller, Geowalks
This is the annual Joint Excursion with the Geological Society of Glasgow
Transport will be by coach from Waterloo Place at 10.00 am (NOT the usual 9.00 am) with an extra pickup point at Milton Road to Cove. Pickup at the end of the day from Siccar Point Car Park on the entrance road to RK Drysdales Factory TD13 5YS, returning about 6pm after High Tea.
Further details of these excursions, including information on routes, main features of geological interest, and level of difficulty, can be found on the EGS website at .
Please note that you will need to book for these excursions – contact Mel Farquharson on excur… or by telephone 0131 552 3452.  This is especially important for the Saturday excursion to ensure that there are sufficient places on the coach, and also to pre-order from the menu for High Tea, as confirmed orders are needed asap.