Mary Anning statue fundraising appeal

Message from Anya Pearson and Evie Swire about the fundraising appeal to raise money for a statue of Mary Anning:

Evie (13 year old fossil mad school girl who started this all when she was 11) and I wondered if you could share our crowdfund page with your members? Or even see if they could help in anyway with a contribution. We only need to raise the final £30,000 of the £100k needed to complete Mary’s statue, along the Jurassic Coast at Lyme Regis, so we need all the people power we can muster. We have the support of the Geologists Association, Sir David Attenborough, Professor Alice Roberts, NHM, and so many more amazing people.

Here is the link to the crowdfund page with a brilliant 3 min film about what we are trying to achieve.