EGS Lecture Programme

Our varied programme of illustrated lectures runs from October to Easter, on Wednesday evenings. These meetings are open to the public, there is no charge, and visitors are most welcome.

Speakers and topics are carefully chosen to provide interest for both the amateur and professional geologist. These meetings also provide an informal opportunity to chat to other members, and find out more about geological sites from local experts. At the annual Fellows’ Night, members give accounts of their own geological interests, specimens or travels.

Our lectures are broadcast live on Zoom, with the same Zoom account and password. If you are not a member, please contact Angus Miller ( for details.

Information about the lectures, including more detailed abstracts where provided, are available below.

Lecture Programme 2022-23 The Geological Society of London are producing a new (5th) edition of The Geology of Scotland, which is due to be published next year. In the 20 years since the last edition, there have been many significant steps forward in understanding the geology of Scotland. To celebrate this significant milestone, the new edition forms a prominent thread through this year’s lecture programme. Following an overview talk from the editors in November, we will have lectures delivered by key authors contributing to several chapters of the new book.

Graham Leslie, Lectures Secretary

The lectures usually take place in the Hutton Lecture Theatre in the Grant Institute of Geology, The King’s Buildings, James Hutton Road, Edinburgh EH9 3FE.

EGS Evening Lecture Programme 2022-23

Scotland’s Fossils

Full details –

Prof Bryne Ngwenya, Professor in Microbial Geochemistry and Head of the School of Geosciences, University of Edinbugh

To be confirmed

Dr Tom Dodd. British Geological Society

New insights into deep-lacustrine sedimentary processes and products: examples from the North Falkland Basin, offshore Falkland Islands

Prof Rob Strachan, University of Portsmouth and Dr Martin Smith, British Geological Survey (retd)

The Geology of Scotland – a new 5th edition

Dr Maarten Krabbendam, British Geological Survey

Geology of Scotland, chapter 4: The Moine Supergroup no more!

Fellows’ Night

This meeting, close to the anniversary of the foundation of the Society, is a chance to meet other members informally, with refreshments served from 6.30pm, followed by a series of short talks given by members. If you would like to give a short talk on a subject of interest to members, please email Chris Lofthouse on

Prof Tony Prave, University of St Andrews

Geology of Scotland, chapter 5: The Dalradian

Wednesday 1 February, 7pm

Clough Medal Lecture: Prof Dave Evans, Dept of Geography, Durham University

Quaternary glacial geology and geomorphology: applications of modern analogues to reconstructing glaciations

Dr Steve Hollis, School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh

The Tyrone Ophiolite

Dr Alison Monaghan, British Geological Survey and colleagues

Geology of Scotland, chapter 10: the Carboniferous

Prof Bruce Levell, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

Snowball Earth? The broader significance of recent work on the Neoproterozoic Port Askaig Formation

Christopher Jack, COWI

The interplay of engineering geology and rock engineering in the development of the Coire Glas project.

EGS Recorded Lectures 2021-22

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