The Edinburgh Geological Society rewards excellence in geology by presenting annually the Clough Medal and, biennially, the Clough Memorial Award.

The Clough Medal

The Clough Medal is the Society’s premier award, presented to a geologist whose original work has materially increased the knowledge of the geology of Scotland and/or the north of England, or any geologist working in Scotland or the north of England who has significantly advanced the knowledge of any aspect of geology.

The Clough Memorial Award

The Clough Memorial Award is a monetary award, given to an early-career geologist, normally under 35 years old, whose research on some aspect of the geology of Scotland or the north of England is considered as having outstanding merit. It is awarded biennially in odd years.

Clough Medal Winners

2023-24 Prof Anthony (Tony) Prave
2022-23 Prof David Evans
2021-22 Dr Tim Smithson
2020-21 Dr Anthony Mansell (Tony) Spencer
2019-20 Prof Kathy Whaler
2018-19 Dr Tim Dempster
2017-18 Prof Robert Holdsworth
2016-17 Dr Phil Stone
2015-16 Dr Brian Bell
2014-15 Prof Rob Strachan
2013-14 Prof Tony Fallick
2012-13 Prof John Underhill
2011-12 Prof Ben Harte
2010-11 Prof Colin Ballantyne
2009-10 Dr Douglas Fettes
2008-09 Dr Alec Livingstone
2007-08 Dr Geoff Tanner
2006-07 Prof R Mcdonald
2005-06 Prof RG Parke
2004-05 Dr Nigel Trewin
2003-04 Dr I Dalziel
2002-03 Dr J Treagus
2001-02 Dr AWA Rushton
2000-01 Prof Brian Upton
1999-2000 Prof Brian J Bluck
1998-99 Prof J Barry Dawson
1997-98 Dr Jack Soper
1996-97 Dr Ian Rolfe
1995-96 Dr Derek Flinn
1994-95 Dr Henry Emeleus
1993-94 Mr JH Hull for BGS
1992-93 Dr Euan Clarkson
1991-92 Dr Michael Gallagher
1990-91 Dr Ken Glennie
1989-90 Dr Douglas Peacock
1988-89 Prof Tony Harris
1987-88 Dr William McKerrow
1986-87 Prof Gordon Craig
1985-86 Dr Denys Barker Smith
1984-85 Dr Charles Waterston
1983-84 Mr Scott Johnstone
1982-83 Prof Howell Francis
1981-82 Dr Walter Mykura
1980-81 Dr Brian Sissons
1979-80 Prof Janet Watson
1978-79 Prof MHP Bott
1977-78 Prof BC King
1976-77 Prof TS Westoll
1975-76 Prof Alwyn Williams
1974-75 Prof RM Shackleton
1973-74 Dr Dorothy Rayner
1972-73 Prof T Neville George
1971-72 Dr James Phemister
1970-71 Prof Frederick Stewart
1969-70 Dr GH Mitchell
1967-78 Dr AG MacGregor
1965-66 Prof WQ Kennedy
1963-64 Mr JE Richey
1961-62 Sir Edward Bailey
1959-60 Mr WS Bisat
1957-68 Dr John Weir
1955-56 Mr J Selwyn Turner
1953-54 Dr JB Simpson
1951-52 Dr GW Tyrell
1948-49 Dr Robert Campbell
1946-47 Mr James Wright
1944-45 Dr Murray Macgregor
1942-43 Mr James Livingstone Begg
1940-41 Dr Alexander Bremner
1938-39 Mr Arthur Raistrick
1935-36 Mr David Tait

Clough Memorial Award Winners

2023-24 Dr John Macdonald
2020-21 Dr George Guice
2018-19 Dr Steve Brusatte
2016-17 Dr Hannah Watkins
2014-15 Dr Nick Schofield
2010-11 Dr Tom Bradwell
2008-09 Dr David Brown
2006-07 Dr CJ Banks
2004-05 Dr Alison Monaghan
2002-03 Dr J Imber
2000-01 Dr Jeremy Preston
1998-99 Dr Andrew Kerr
1996-97 Dr PB Wignall
1995-96 Dr RW England
1992-93 Dr J Andrews
1990-91 Dr R Barnes
1988-89 Dr T Dempster
1986-87 Dr D Harper
1984-85 Dr Gordon Curry
1982-83 Dr Michael Coward
1980-81 Dr Roger Anderton
1978-79 Dr Douglas Fettes
1976-77 Dr Euan Clarkson
1974-75 Dr John McManus
1972-73 Dr Tony Harris
1970-71 Dr P Toghill
1968-69 Dr Michael J O’Hara
1966-67 Mr Walter Mykura
1964-65 Dr Mike Johnson
1962-63 Dr JG Ramsay