The Society makes geology grants and awards in three categories:

  • Project Grants

    Grants to projects that further the aims of the Society – stimulating public interest in geology and the advancement of geological knowledge. Any organisation or individual can apply.

  • Awards for Excellence in Geology

    The Society recognises excellence in geology by awarding the Clough Medal and The Clough Memorial Award.

  • Grants for Fieldwork

    The Society makes small grants to support geological fieldwork, from the Clough and Mykura Funds.

Grants to projects that further the aims of the Society

The Edinburgh Geological Society invites applications for grants to support projects that further the aims of the Society i.e. to encourage public interest in geology and to advance geological knowledge. Applications may be from organisations or individuals.

Guidelines For Applicants:

Each application is judged on the excellence of the project, on its relevance to the Society’s aims, and on its affordability. Grants that are matched by funding from other sources, and funding requests around or below £500, are more likely to be awarded. Grants will not be given retrospectively for any expenditure already incurred.

Submission Process:

Applications should be submitted by email using the EGS Grant Application Form. Applications will normally only be considered by Council twice a year and should therefore be submitted in good time, by either 31 March or 31 October.

The Clough Medal

This is the Society’s premier award, presented annually to a geologist whose original work has materially increased the knowledge of the geology of Scotland and/or the north of England, or who is Scottish by birth or by adoption and residence and has significantly advanced the knowledge of any aspect of geology.

List of Clough Medallists

The Clough Memorial Award

The Clough Memorial Award, which is a monetary award, is given to a geologist of British nationality and normally under 35 years old whose research on some aspect of the geology of Scotland or the north of England is considered as having outstanding merit. It is awarded biennially in even years.

List of Clough Award winners

How to make a Clough nomination

Nominations for the Clough Medal and the Clough Memorial Award should be sent to the Secretary of the Society, to arrive not later than 31st January. Each submission should include the nomination letters, CV of the candidate and any additional letters of support, preferably as a single attachment in PDF format. Nominations should be attached to an e-mail and sent to, with a title which identifies the name of the award and the name of the nominee, e.g. Clough Medal – Chris Smith.

Nominations should include a statement on the merits of the candidate with a list of their more important geological contributions, and a summary curriculum vitae. Nominations should be accompanied by an additional letter of support from a seconder. Further letters of support are also permissible from up to two additional people. The nominations will be considered and recommendations for award made by the Society’s Clough Committee. Unsuccessful nominations will be eligible for reconsideration the following year, subject to being refreshed by the nominee’s sponsor(s).

Fieldwork Grants from the Clough and Mykura Funds

Grants from these funds, normally of the order of a few hundred pounds, are available to support geological field work at home or abroad. Grants from the Clough Fund may be awarded for fieldwork or other geological enterprise in any area, provided that a suitable Scottish connection can be demonstrated through the recipient or their institution, or through the work itself. Grants from the Mykura Fund are restricted to geological fieldwork in Scotland, with preference given to workers under 35 years old.

Guidelines for Applicants:

Applications are invited from professional and non-professional geologists and from students of geology, and each will be considered on its merits by the Clough Committee. Applications from PhD students are welcome but we expect that the costs of routine fieldwork will be met by your institution or your grant-awarding body. Therefore you will need to make a clear and compelling case for additional support. The funds do not generally support mapping as part of an Honours degree course.

Submission Process:

Applications should be submitted by email using the Fieldwork Grant Application Form (maximum 2 pages); each submission should include the application form, brief CV and a supporting letter from the applicant’s institution or a reference from a relevant person of suitable professional standing. If possible please include all documents in a single pdf file, attached to an e-mail and sent to, with a title which identifies this as a Fieldwork Grant application and the name of the applicant, e.g. Fieldwork Grant – Chris Smith.They should be submitted by 31st January for consideration in February.

Recent Grants from the Clough and Mykura Funds – Reports