All EGS members have borrowing rights to the University of Edinburgh library.

The University Library includes the EGS collection of periodicals and about two hundred books, ranging from Moon, Mars and Meteorites by Peter Adams to Dinosaurs from China by Dong Zhiming.

The EGS books have been purchased over the years, selected for their accessibility and interest to the membership and can be borrowed with the minimum of formality from their current location in the Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library in the King’s Buildings campus of the University of Edinburgh.

Our books and serials are managed by the University Library, and are accessible by holders of a University Library card. As a member of the EGS you are entitled to join the University Library, for free and you must do this in order to borrow EGS books. It entitles you to full use of the University Library.

The books in the EGS Library have been interfiled with the main Library earth science sequence.  This follows the University Library’s policy of interfiling deposited Society collections.  There are positive benefits – the books are on open access and if you are browsing for a good read on a given subject, you only need to look in one place instead of two.  All EGS-owned books can be easily identified from the bright pink dot that is placed on the spine and the EGS bookplate that is inserted on the inside front cover of the book.

How to Join the University Library

You can join the Library as follows:

  1. Obtain a letter confirming that you are a member of the EGS from the Society’s Membership Secretary – see Society Contacts.
  2. Take the letter to any University Library and fill in the necessary Library application form.  You will be issued with a Library Borrower’s Card.

Remember, EGS membership entitles you to use most Edinburgh University libraries, not just the EGS library.

Click here for the library locations and opening times.