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These books have been purchased by EGS over the years, selected for their accessibility and interest to the membership. The books are interfiled with the main Library earth science sequence and can be borrowed with the minimum of formality from their current location in the Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library in the King’s Buildings campus of the University of Edinburgh.


James David Forbes, pioneer Scottish glaciologist F.F. Cunningham
James Hutton 1726 – 1797 [Scottish man of science] Jean Jones
James Hutton: founder of modern geology A. McKirdy
James Hutton and the history of geology Dean
Sand, wind and war R.A. Bagnold
Scientist of empire R.A. Stafford
One life R.E. Leakey
James ‘Paraffin’ Young 1811- 1883 John Butt
William Scoresby: Arctic explorer, 1789 – 1857 [Scottish man of science] H. Montgomery


The ages of Gaia J. Lovelock

Economic geology

5th Meeting of the European Clay Groups J. Konta
Building stones of Glasgow Judith Lawson
Introduction to the petroleum geology of the North Sea K.W. Glennie
Gold metallogeny and exploration R.P. Foster
Edinburgh: an illustrated architectural guide McKean & Walker
Tenth Conference on Clay Mineralogy and Petrology in Ostrava, August 26-29 1986 Conference on Clay Mineralogy
Energy resources: geology, supply and demand G.C. Brown
Dundee McKean & Walker
A guide to colour to precious and semi-precious stones Bauer & Bouska
Ninth Conference on Clay Mineralogy and Petrology in Zoolen  
Building stones of Edinburgh I.T. Bunyan
Scotland and petrochemicals T. Patten
Petroleum geology F.K. North


Bones of contention R. Lewin
The problems of evolution Mark Ridley
Wonderful life Stephen Jay Gould
The book of life Stephen Jay Gould
Darwinism defended: a guide to the evolution controversies Michael Rose
The fossil record and evolution L.F. Laporte
Extinction D.M. Raup
The Nemesis affair D.M. Raup
Lucy: the beginnings of humankind Johanson & Edey
The evolution of vertebrate design Leonard B. Radinsky
Evolution Scientific American
Missing links: the hunt for earliest man John Reader
An urchin in the storm: essays about books and ideas Stephen Jay Gould
The new catastrophism, the importance of the rare event in geological history D. Ager
Catastrophic episodes in earth history C.C. Albritton
Catastrophes and earth history Berggren & Van Couvering
The panda’s thumb Stephen Jay Gould
Life: an authorised biography R. Fortey
Bully for brontosaurus Stephen Jay Gould
Eight little piggies Stephen Jay Gould
Ever since Darwin: reflections in natural history Stephen Jay Gould
Evolution: a biological and paleontological approach P. Skelton
The flamingo’s smile: reflections in natural history Stephen Jay Gould
Hen’s teeth and horse’s toes Stephen Jay Gould

General geology

Earth Press & Siever
Great geological controversies A. Hallam
Natural disasters D. Alexander
Understanding the earth G.C. Brown
Callin’s rocks & fossils: the ultimate guide A.B. Busbey
Cambridge encyclopedia of earth sciences Cambridge UP
The story of the earth Cattermole & Moore
Geology and society D.R. Coates
Science of the earth A.J. Eardley
Geology principles & methods J. Dercourt
Principles of physical geology Arthur Holmes
Time’s arrow, time’s cycle Stephen Jay Gould
From mineralogy to geology: the foundations of a science, 1650 – 1830 Rachel Lauden
Putnam’s geology E.E. Larson
Environmental geology E.A. Keller
Basin and range John McPhee
The earth E.J. Tarbuck
Geology and man J. Watson
Geological howlers, boners and bloomers (Glasgow G.S.) W.D.I. Rolfe
The dark side of the earth R.M. Wood
Down to earth H.E. Wilson
Principles of earth science A.N. Strahler
The dynamic earth Scientific American

Geological maps and mapping

Image interpretation in geology S.A. Drury
The geological map, an anatomy of the landscape E. Edmonds
Introduction to geological maps and structures J.L. Roberts
Exploring earth from space Jon Erikson

Geology of the British Isles

A geology of Ireland C.H. Holland
The geology of the Lothians and south east Scotland G.Y. Craig
Excursion guide to the geology of the Aberdeen area N.H Trewin
Geology of Scotland G.Y. Craig
The Lake District Cumberland Geological Society
London: illustrated geological walks: book 2 E. Robinson
Excursion guide to the geology of east Sutherland and Caithness N.H. Trewin
Geology of Scotland G.Y. Craig
Britain before man F.W. Dunning
Ardnamurchan C.D. Gribble
Geology of the Glasgow district B.J. Bluck
London: illustrated geological walks: book 1 E. Robinson
Assynt district of Sutherland M.R.W. Johnson
Geology of Arran McDonald & Herriot
The Midland Valley of Scotland I.B. Cameron
Geology of the country around Girvan I.B. Cameron
British regional geology I.B. Cameron
Field excursion guide to the Carboniferous volcanic rocks of the Midland Valley of Scotland by B.G.J. Upton
Tertiary and Post-Tertiary geology of Mull, Loch Aline and Oban E.B. Bailey
Geological highlights of the West Country W.A. MacFadyen


Islands H.W. Menard
Global geomorphology M.A. Summerfield
The hidden landscape R. Fortey
Geology and scenery in Scotland J.B. Whitton
The evolving coast Richard R. Davis Jnr.
Scotland (geomorphology of the British Isles) J.B. Sissons
Sand Raymond Siever
Earth’s changing surface M.J. Selby
Ice ages: solving the mystery Imbrie & Imbrie
The Macmillan field guide to geological structures J.L. Roberts

Geophysics, earthquakes, geomagnetism etc.

Global geophysics Global geophysics
Introduction to geomagnetism W.D. Parkinson
Earthquakes and geological discovery Bruce A. Bolt
Earthquakes S. Van Rose
Paleomagnetism: principles and applications in geology, geophysics and archaeology D.H. Tarling
Field geology, minerals and rocks J.F. Kirkaldy
Inside the earth Bruce A. Bolt
Mathematical modelling in electromagnetic prospecting methods V. Bezvoda
Acts of the International Conference on Seismic Zones in the Mediterranean Area  
Earthquakes and volcanoes Scientific American
Earthquakes: a primer B.A. Bolt

History of geology

Piltdown. A scientific forgery F. Spencer
Hydrogeology Hydrogeology
The Water of Leith Jamieson & Hope

Marine geology

Marine geology Roger N. Anderson
Science at sea: tales of an old ocean T.H. Van Andel

Palaeontology, fossils, dinosaurs, etc.

Prehistory Giovanni Pinna
Fossils: the key to the past R. Fortey
Time, life and man R.A. Stirton
Basic questions in palaeontology H. Otto
Elements of micropalaeontology G. Bignot
Dinosaurs past and present: Vol 1 Sylvia J. Czerkas
Dinosaurs past and present: Vol 2 Sylvia J. Czerkas
Wandering lands and animals E.H. Colbert
Fossils of the world V. Turek
Systematics and the fossil record Andrew B. Smith
Dinosaurs from China Dong Zhiming
Vertebrate palaeontology A.S. Romer
Fossil horses B.J. MacFadden
The dinosaur heresies R. Bakker
Discoverers of the Lost World G.G. Simpson
Fossils and the history of life Simpson
Quaternary insects and their environment Scott R. Elias
Mammal Evolution Savage & Long
The Dinosaur heresies R. Bakker
Dinosaurs, spitfires and sea dragons C. McGowan
Fossils – The McDonald encyclopedia of P. Arduini
On the track of Ice Age mammals A.J. Sutcliffe
The crucible of creation S.C. Morris
Atlas of invertebrate macrofossils J.W. Murray

Petrology, rocks etc.

Magmas and magmatic rocks E.A.K. Middlemost
2nd International Conference on Natural Glasses J. Konta
The origin and evolution of coal P.J. Adams

Planetary geology

Venus: the geological story Peter Cattermole
Moon, mars and meteorites Peter Adams
Plate tectonics etc. Plate tectonics etc.
The origin of continents and oceans A. Wegener
The making of a continent R. Redfern
Global tectonics P. Kearey
Plate tectonics: how it works Cox & Hart
The ocean of truth H.W. Menard
Continents adrift and continents aground Scientific American
New views on an old planet T.H. Van Andel
The road to Jaramillo W. Glen
Structural geology of rocks and regions G.H. Davis
Plate tectonics D.C. Heather
Plate tectonics and crustal evolution K.C. Condie
Mesozoic – Cenozoic orogenic belts A.M. Spencer


Scottish Journal of Geology: Guides to the Dalradian Rocks of the South-west Highlands: The Dalradian rocks of Lunga, Luing and Shuna C.T. Baldwin
Scottish Journal of Geology: Guides to the Dalradian Rocks of the South-west Highlands: The Dalradian rocks of Jura R. Anderson
Quaternary environments M.A.J. Williams
Growth of a prehistoric time scale: based on organic evolution William B.N. Berry
Earth and life through time S.H. Stanley
The Young earth: an introduction to Archean geology E.G. Nisbet
Scottish Journal of Geology: Guides to the Dalradian rocks of the South-west Highlands: The Dalradian rocks of Knapdale and North Kintyre J.L. Roberts
Scottish Journal of Geology: Guides to the Dalradian rocks of the South-west Highlands: The Dalradian rocks of Loch Leven Area J.L. Roberts
Scottish Journal of Geology: Guides to the Dalradian Rocks of the South-west Highlands: The Dalradian rocks of Roseneath and South-east Cowal J.L. Roberts
Scottish Journal of Geology: Introduction to the Dalradian rocks of the South-west Highlands by J.L. Roberts
Sequence stratigraphy D. Emery
Scottish Journal of Geology: Guides to the Dalradian rocks of the South-west Highlands: The Dalradian rocks of the west coast of the Tayvallich Peninsula P.J. Gower
Scottish Journal of Geology: Guides to the Dalradian rocks of the South-west Highlands: The Dalradian rocks of the northern Loch Awe district G.J. Borrodsile
Scotland’s environment R.J. Price
The great Palaeozoic crisis Douglas H. Erwin
Aspects of a stratigraphic system: The Devonian D.L. Dineley
The age of the earth John Thackray
The Holocene N. Roberts
Time and geology Time and geology
The age of the earth G. Brent Dalrymple
The abyss of time C.C. Albritton
Astrological events in China Dao-yi Xu
The earth’s age and geochronology D. York


Volcanoes Peter Francis
Volcanoes and society D. Chester
Mount Etna D. Chester
Volcanoes S. Van Rose
Volcano Planet Earth

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