Braid Hills

The Braid Hills form an area of high relief on the south side of Edinburgh, south of Blackford Hill and Hermitage of Braid. The latter is a valley carved by glacial meltwater about 15,000 years ago. The relief and shape of the Hills is due to the erosion of the resistant volcanic rocks by ice during the last glaciation forming a classic ‘crag and tail’ feature. Ice advanced from west to east forming steep craggy western slopes to the hills as the ice was forced around and over the hill and then a smooth slope (‘tail’) on the eastern side. From the summit, the whole of Edinburgh with all its significant geological features can be seen. There are also excellent views to the Pentland Hills and the Lammermuir Hills. Enjoy these views and the interpretation panel which describes the evolution of Edinburgh’s landscape over the last 600 million years.

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