We will walk from Spittal to Cocklawburn through an almost complete foreshore exposure from the top of the Scremerson Coal Group through the Lower and Middle Limestone Groups. We will also consider the tectonic setting, the changing  paleogeography and the legacy of coal and limestone mining.

Read the Code of Conduct and Safety Guidelines and book your place …

Excursion title:

Spittal to Cocklawburn: Mining, cycles and a monocline

Date & time:

27th July 2020 9:00

Finish time:

16:00 (17:30)


Ian Kille, Northumbrian Earth

Excursion aims and description:

To explore the Carboniferous sedimentary sequence from the Scremerston Coal Group into the Middle Limestone Group south of Berwick on Tweed exploring its tectonic setting, changing palaeo-geography and its industrial use.


Minibus from Waterloo Place at 9am

Meeting point:

Waterloo Place. Coach route east out of Edinburgh. Pick-up point at Milton Road.

First locality:

Spittal just south of Berwick upon Tweed. Meet at the south end of the promenade nearest to the cliff NU 010 509

Excursion route:

From Spittal walking south under the cliff to Cargies Plantation, then walk up to the cliff path to descend into Cocklawburn Beach. Walk across Cocklawburn Beach to Mid Skerrs for low tide then return to Saltpan Rocks before re-joining the coach at the car park by Cocklawburn Beach.

Terrain, walking distance, height gain:


Specific or Medium- / High-Risk Hazards:

  1. Rock fall/landslide from the cliff
  2. Slips and falls on the rocky skerrs
  3. being cut off by the tide

Control measures required to mitigate against any Hazards referred to above:

  1. Route planned to minimise being under steep cliffs. Participants to be advised of risky cliff sections.
  2. Participants to be advised of slippery sections, walking poles advised.
  3. Walk planned to coincide with low tide.

Hard hats or Hi-viz clothing needed:


May dogs be brought on the excursion?

Yes, but owners must follow the guidance from the AONB  http://www.northumberlandcoastaonb.org/bring-your-dog-to-the-coast/

Toilet information:

There are no toilets on the walking route.

Geological map sheet:

1 & 2

OS map sheet:

Landranger 75


Northumbrian Rocks and Landscape, a field guide. Colin Scrutton