Come and explore Edinburgh’s fantastic geology and some of the EarthCaches of the area

An Earthcache is a specific location where you can learn about local geology. This is similar to Geocaching but doesn’t involve a physical cache: instead you visit a specific location and observe the geology. If you want to ‘claim’ the cache, there are questions to answer. With the growing availability of smart phones, is easy to take part – all you need is a free Geocaching app. There are Earthcaches across the world, providing opportunities to explore geology wherever you are.

Scotland has hundreds of Earthcaches – you can find them on Prepared by individual enthusiasts, they give a good introduction to many of our important geological sites, at varying levels of detail. EGS organised an Earthcache Weekend on 6-8 October 2017, with a programme that included an introductory meeting, an open day in Holyrood Park and a coach trip to East Lothian and the Borders, including a visit to Siccar Point.

Buy the souvenir Edinburgh EarthCache Geocoin

Edinburgh GeocoinWe have made a special Edinburgh Earthcache Geocoin. This is an attractive trackable silver coin, which is available for direct sales at EGS events or by mail order.