Wednesday 24 April 2019, 7 pm

Corstorphine Hill

Leader: Ken Shaw

This geological and archaeological circuit of Corstorphine Hill will include disused quarries in Carboniferous sedimentary and igneous rocks, glacial landforms and processes, and Neolithic/Bronze Age cup-markings.

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Excursion title:

Corstorphine Hill

Date & time:

Wednesday 24 April 2019 at 19:00

Finish time:

21:00 approx.


Ken Shaw, EGS

Excursion aims and description:

To undertake a circuit of Corstorphine Hill and examine at least:

– Disused quarries in Carboniferous sedimentary and igneous rocks

– Glacial landforms and processes

– Neolithic / Bronze Age cup-markings


Own transport

Lothian buses: No. 1 or 26 to top of Drum Brae Drive.

21 or 200 to Clermiston Road.

41 to Clermiston Drive.

12 or 31 to Corstorphine Road / Clermiston Road junction and walk over.

Meeting point:

Small car park off Clermiston Road North. NT2022 7466.

First locality:

As start

Excursion route:

Broadly clockwise round Corstorphine Hill. Route map on

Terrain, walking distance, height gain:

4 to 5 km of mostly made paths, some muddy. Some steep inclines and uneven steps. Some off-path excursions over rough ground.

Specific or Medium- / High-Risk Hazards:


Control measures required to mitigate against any Hazards referred to above:


Hard hats or Hi-viz clothing needed:

No – all of route is off-road.

May dogs be brought on the excursion?

Yes – hill is frequented by many dog walkers.

Toilet information:

None on route. May be able to use facilities in ‘Leonardo’ hotel.

Geological map sheet:

BGS 1:50,000 S032E Edinburgh; BGS 1:25,000 Edinburgh District Special Sheet.

OS map sheet:

OS 1:50,000 sheet 66; OS 1:25,000 sheet 350


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