New book Earth Lines: Geopoetry and Geopoetics

The Edinburgh Geological Society and partners are delighted to launch a new book Earth Lines: Geopoetry and Geopoetics edited by Patrick Corbett, Norman Bissell, Philip Ringrose, Sarah Tremlett, Brian Whalley. Earth Lines grew out of a Geopoetry event hosted by the Geological Society of London on 1 October 2020, and is a compilation of poetry and essays on the broadest theme of geoscience.

More details of the publication, including a selection of audio and video recordings of some of the poems and poets featured in Earth Lines, including some additional poems and a geopoetry map, are available on the dedicated Earth Lines page of this website.

The online launch, part of the Scottish Geology Festival, took place on Friday 1 October 2021 – view the event recording here.

Earth Lines is now available to buy from our publications section – click here.

EGS Public Lecture: Climate change in Edinburgh – Past, Present, Future

Wednesday 6 October 2021, 6.30 pm at Dynamic Earth

Our climate change lecture explored the geological aspects of climate change in the past, present and future. The panel of guest speakers considered what the sedimentary rocks of this area tell us about the climate in the geological past and evidence from Scotland’s coasts of changes over the last millennia and decades. And we looked to the future, and how geology and geological processes are at the heart of climate change adaptation and mitigation. The live, in-person audience had an opportunity to engage the speakers in questions and discussion.

This was in-person event at Dynamic Earth, with a small audience but we felt it was important to gather again. Good to be back!

Dr Katie Strang
, Scottish Geology Trust
Dr Larissa Naylor & Freya Muir, University of Glasgow
Dr Katriona Edlmann, University of Edinburgh

Dr Hermione Cockburn
, Dynamic Earth