About the Edinburgh Geological Society

The Edinburgh Geological Society was founded in 1834 with the aim of stimulating public interest in geology and the advancement of geological knowledge.

Throughout its history the Society has seen major changes in geological thinking, from Darwin’s theories of evolution to modern ideas on plate tectonics. The Society still seeks to stimulate public interest and advance geological knowledge, and offers a range of facilities to members including lectures, excursions, publications and the maintenance of a geological library.

Membership of the Society is open to all with an interest in geology and who share the aims of the Society.

Who Are We? What Do We Do?

The Edinburgh Geological Society is one of the UK’s foremost geological societies. We organise a full and varied programme of excursions and lectures that bring together everyone from complete beginners to professional geologists interested in exploring the geology of Scotland and beyond.  >> more details.

Join the Society

Most people join as Ordinary Fellows, but there are special rates for family members, students, juniors and Fellows of the Glasgow Geological Society.  >> more details.


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The Edinburgh Geological Society has published the obituaries of several Fellows over the years.
>> A number are published here.

Laws of the Society

>> The Laws can be read here.